Is this a one-off discount?

Absolutely not. We will continue to offer you a 10% discount at each renewal subject to the Club remaining within our normal underwriting parameters

Does the discount mean I will have weaker cover?

Far from it. The scope of cover is at least as good as anything you may already have and the extensions we offer mean you have the option to increase the value you get from your insurance programme by optimising your protection at little or no added cost.

Do you use a reputable insurer?

The Bowline Marine Combined Insurance Policy is underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE – one of the World’s leading providers of Marine Insurance.

What is the process for obtaining a quotation?


You can choose to deal with us through either email or telephone and we also offer you a traditional face-to-face consultancy. The choice is yours but we find that a face-to-face meeting is really useful for establishing your precise requirements.

If I change insurers won’t I have to complete loads of paperwork?


Whilst some insurers are still insisting on you filling out large proposal forms, we believe in keeping business simple. No form-filling is required for the Bowline Marine Combined cover.

What ongoing support do you offer your Marine Club clients?


IRCM stands for Insurance Risk & Claims Management and we do what it says on the tin – ie we manage your insurance, your risk and your claims. So if you want risk management support we can assist you with that; if you need to make a claim you will be aided by our in-house team of claims handlers which means your interests are fully represented throughout the claims process.

Why do you recommend other insurance products to Marine Clubs?

First of all 21st Century entities face 21st Century problems. These include constantly changing legislation regarding operation of your club and your duties as a club officer and punitive awards against both the club and its officers when inadvertent breaches of legislation occur. Protection for instances such as these is excluded from your Public & Employers Liability Insurances and where we believe such cover is appropriate to you we will recommend you invest in it.  Secondly, insurance options are changing and a “one-size-fits-all insurance policy may no longer be the most appropriate solution for a club. Wider cover at more competitive rates for certain parts of your Club’s insurance programme may better suit your demands and needs.

Who are IRCM anyway?


IRCM is the specialist Marine Insurance brokerage of the KGJ Group of Companies – one of the UK’s largest family-owned insurance brokers. We specialise in providing insurance and related services to Marine businesses, Marine-based clubs and owners of commercial and private vessels. We are committed to delivering the best insurance value to Marine Traders which means, quite simply, the best available cover in return for the best possible premium.

How do I contact you?


Simply email or, if you prefer, telephone the Marine Team on 01902 796 793