Commercial Marine Insurance

Commercial Marine Insurance:

Improve the insurance coverage of your business & reduce your costs
If you’re like many of the business owners who contact us you’re probably looking to reduce your marine insurance costs without jeopardising the security of your business or you private assets. Working with IRCM means you benefit from a proven programme of Marine Insurance, Risk and Claims Management that delivers significant premium savings and the correct protection for you and your business.

IRCM’s 3-step insurance programme for your Marine Business

Insurance Management: Hundreds of marine business owners have contacted IRCM over the last 3 years and the vast majority tell us they’re paying too much for their insurance cover. IRCM are committed to delivering the savings you seek as our track record clearly demonstrates. However, our first commitment is ensuring you have the right levels of protection for you and your business.

That’s why we’ll conduct a full insurance audit of your business, including your activities, premises, plans for growth, before selecting the insurer and insurance programme that represents the best option for your business. We then seek to negotiate the best premium we can for the cover we recommend. Mouse over the link below to see some of the insurance savings we have delivered to marine businesses through this process.

IRCM Marine Trade Insurance Savings[1]

Risk Management: Businesses adopting professional risk management systems benefit from both short-term insurance premium savings as well as long-term lower costs through reducing claims incidence Working with IRCM means you can benefit from access to a risk management system that suits the size of your business. The monthly rolling programme is provided through our sister company Direct Safety Solutions and is a competitively priced holistic system designes to keep your workplace, your people and your equipment safe.

Claims Management: The proof of any insurance programme only comes when you need to make a claim. In the event of a loss, businesses look for prompt settlement in order to minimise disruption to their business.

Working with IRCM means you benefit from the support of our in-house claims team. We can act quickly on your behalf to negotiate settlement of property claims and assist with helping you to minimise loss in the event of an insured incident.

We can also ensure your interests are best represented by liaising robustly with your insurers in the event of a liability claim against your business – be it a spurious charge against you that requires defending or a legitimate claim that needs to be actioned promptly in order to minimise the overall settlement against you. Mouse over the link below for some examples of how IRCM have helped their clients.

Claims Case Studies

Effective claims management not only benefits you and your business by ensuring you can continue to operate in the event of a loss but also helps keep your insurance costs down in the short, mid and long terms.

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Bonus-Builder Introducer Facility

Because IRCM has extensive access to Yacht & Boat Insurance Markets we are able to offer our commercial clients an insurance introducer facility that provides a regular additional income stream to their businesses.

By introducing your customers to IRCM, you benefit from a generous commission rate that is paid at inception of a policy and at each subsequent renewal. Further benefits include:

“Client Ownership” that enables you to receive commission when their customers upgrade their boats, even if the purchase was from an alternative source to the Introducer.
Customers are not tied to anyone insurer, so IRCM can continue to meet the customer’s changed needs – and you still retain your commission.
For further information about setting up a Bonus-Builder arrangement contact IRCM on 01902 796 793

For further information on taking out a Bonus-Builder facility with IRCM.

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