Many sailing clubs are registered charities or not-for-profit organisations.  Despite this, the club, its officers, trustees and members can still be held legally liable when things go wrong.  A standard sailing club insurance programme is unlikely to protect the club and its officers against some of the very real 21st Century hazards that they can often encounter. Here are just 5 examples of typically unprotected exposures facing clubs, their memberships and, in particular, their officers and trustees

1.  Club trustees’ and officers’ personal assets are at risk:  

If accused of breaching their duties then officers and trustees are personally liable to defend any claim against them.

2.  Employment Practices Liability claims are a significant risk – even for sailing clubs: 

In an increasingly litigious environment even if your employees are only engaged on a volunteer basis club officers and trustees can be held personally liable for breaches of employment legislation such as sexual harassment or discrimination.

3.  Investigations by bodies such as the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are commonplace: 

A serious incident could lead to an investigation by the HSE and the award of fines as well as incurring significant defence costs. Both club and officers can be separately charged as exclusive legal entities.

4.  Your members can sue you: 

If your club membership isn’t happy with the way its committee have managed your club – for example, its financial affairs – they can take legal action against club officers and trustees. Costs of defending allegations can often run into tens of thousands of pounds.

5.  Your Public Liability Insurance won’t help you: 

Neither a club’s Public Liability Insurance, nor its Professional Indemnity cover will provide any protection for club officers or trustees in the event of them having to defend allegations of misconduct. Costs, as well as any awards against them, would have to be borne personally by the defendants.

These very real exposures can be neutralised with IRCM’s exclusive Directors & Officers Liability policies for sailing clubs.  This low-cost solution provides a sensible level of indemnity that protects the club itself as well as its officers and trustees.  It takes full cognisance that as a sailing club you are likely to be providing training and tuition as well as working with children or vulnerable adults so it fully meets your demands and needs.

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