Statistics reveal a year-on-year increase in the number of small craft casualties in the last 4 years with a significant proportion arising from fire.  Some basic steps can be taken by operators of small craft to prevent onboard fires and minimise danger to crew and passengers.

1.  First-aid fire-fighting appliances should be serviceable.  The number of appliances and their location should be detailed on your vessel’s Fire Safety Plan which should also record the equipment’s date of expiry

2.  Maintenance of fire fighting appliances should be conducted annually by a suitably qualified person.

3.  The Galley is very often the seat of onboard fires.  The danger of fire can be minimised by simple measures such as storing gas bottles in a well-ventilated area with valves turned off when they are not being used.  Pipes, clips etc should be regularly checked for serviceability and replaced when necessary.

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