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You and your business can benefit from a comprehensive, low-cost Marine Insurance programme by working with specialist Marine Insurance brokers, IRCM.

Boat owners are urged to take security seriously Marine Insurance

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sailing clubs

Benefits to Sailing Clubs of IRCM’s insurance packages include:

Because we can source quotations for you from a wide panel of insurers, as well as from our own Bowline® Marine Trade Insurance scheme you can benefit from an insurance programme tailored to your needs at a premium you can afford.

IRCM have consistently delivered premium savings averaging over 30% to Marine businesses whilst improving the scope of their protection.

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IRCM Marine Trade Insurance Savings[1]

IRCM are not offering “Cheap” Marine Trade Insurance.  Our Bowline® Marine Trade Insurance policy is underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty who enjoy an AA Rating from Standard & Poors.

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Comprehensive Yacht & Boat Insurance

As an owner of leisure craft you can benefit from access to IRCM’s own Yacht & Boat Insurance Quote facilities as well as access to our wider panel of insurers for large yachts and commercial vessels.

Business Type* Premium Before
Premium After
% Saving
Hire Fleet Operator£5,400£4,70013%
Yacht Charter Company £1,600£1,25022%
Chandler/Boat Builder£4,500£3,69018%
Hire Fleet Operator£67,000£49,00026%
Marine Engineer£800£38252%
Traditional Boat Builder £3,600£2,80025%
Marine Engineer/Chandler£3,390£2,93013%
Hire Fleet Operator£3,300£2,30030%
Marina £3,490£2,80419%
Marine Manufacturer£6,500£1,20081%
RYA Training School£750£38249%
Marine Engineers Insurance£1,010£84216%
Yacht Charter Company £1,100£75032%
Boat Builder £6,500£3,80046%
Naval Architect£1,600£1,30018%
Hire Fleet Operator£4,800£2,65044%
Chandler/Engine Sales£3,500£2,15038%
Hire Fleet Operator£10,200£7,90022%
Yacht Builder £100,000£35,00065%
Hire Fleet Operator£6,400£5,00022%
Marine Engineer£730£41343%
Hire Fleet Operator £8,700£5,40038%
Marine Engineer£2,330£1,81522%
Manufacturer of Steel Hulls£1,750£95045%
Marine Contractor£5,835£2,88050%
Motor Boat Manufacturer£137,000£93,00030%
Yacht Rigger£1,100£77729%
Sail Maker£1800£110038%
Boat Sales£1545£1100 31%
Moorings Provider£1300£39270%
Chandlery/Boat Yard£2100£128139%
Fleet Hire Operator£2500£130347%
Large Marina£21,000£15,00028%
Watersport Centre £14,000£7,70045%
Marine Engineer£1,895£1,30031%
Marine Engineer£16,500£12,35025%

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