Marina Operators Insurance Program

Marine Trades Insurance has come a long way over the last fifteen years., evolving from a hodge-podge of disparate policies that separately covered liabilities, pontoons, general property and boats into single, combined insurance packages. However, the growth of litigation culture in the UK, and the ever-growing snowball of EU and government regulation has seen the development of a new threat to business owners and their personal assets that are simply no-longer protected by the standard combined policies.

Add the fast-developing threat from cyber criminals to the equation and it is easy to see that the needs of Marine Traders have also evolved to the extent that new protection is now necessary to enhance the basic cover that comes with the old combined packages.

This prospectus contains all the usual good insurance stuff for Marina & Boatyard operators. Additionally, you will find details of how you can protect yourself and your business from those emerging threats that the Sector simply cannot afford to ignore any longer.

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