Specialist Marine Insurance broker IRCM have announced the launch of a brand new insurance facility for the Marine Sector.  The new Marine Traders’ Combined policy promises to deliver competitive premiums combined with flexible underwriting.

Bowline® is a Combined Marine Traders’ insurance policy that is designed by specialist brokers who themselves have worked for many years in the wider marine industry.

The new policy addresses the issues that have traditionally affected businesses in this specialist Sector.  IRCM’s ethos has long been to deliver the best possible protection for the best possible premium. “Cutting costs, not cover” is a principle the broker has always stood by.

Bowline® underlines that philosophy by providing a flexible approach that enables you to get on with your business without having to worry about the type, size or value of the vessels you work on, combined with a competitive premium that recognises your need to keep costs to a minimum.

In addition to the standard covers normally found on traders’ policies, IRCM provides a suite of bolt-on covers that ensures you and your business are fully protected from the exposures that typically remain unaddressed.  These include comprehensive Directors and Officers Liability provision that delivers vital “Entity” cover.  Other insurances provided alongside Bowline® that are typically overlooked or not addressed adequately by some providers include statutory Road Risks cover for mobile plant & cranes, Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance, Product Recall cover and Intellectual Property Protection.

 Bowline® is available to a variety of businesses across the Marine Industry, including:

IRCM have confirmed that other Marine Insurance Brokers will be able to access the Bowline® Marine Trades facility on behalf of their clients.  Richard Ward said “Many businesses are happy with the service and support they receive from their existing broker.  In opening the facility to the wider broking community we are enabling businesses who wish to remain loyal to their broker to enjoy the benefits of the Bowline® scheme.  We are also assisting brokers by providing them with a facility that addresses some of the problems they may have experienced in their dealings with their existing markets”.

 For more information about Bowline Marine Trades Insurance contact Mark Elcocks on 01902 796 793 or at markelcocks@marineinsurance-ircm.co.uk.

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