The recent fines of 2 companies following the fatal electrocution of an employee has highlighted the cost of failing to comply with electrical regulations.  As well as the devastating effects of the death of the 27 year old man on his family and friends the price paid in fines and costs to the businesses found guilty of breaching the Health & Safety at Work Act was in excess of £500,000.

The Health & Safety Executive have recently issued a new Guidance on the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.  It highlights what can be done to ensure compliance of the regulations which are relevant to all work activities and premises apart from particular offshore establishments and ships.  A free copy can be downloaded from the HSE website at:

It is a standard Marine Trade Insurance requirement that all fixed electric wiring is tested every 3 years and a certificate held.  If this cannot be produced in the event of a fire your claim will not be paid.  You should contact your insurance broker immediately if you do not have a valid certificate.