Think limited company means limited liability? Think again: as a company director you are
personally responsible for your decisions and actions in that capacity.

This means the HSE and other government agencies can and will prosecute you or your
managers in addition to prosecuting your business.

Your business insurance won’t help you. It will look after the business but it won’t stop the
HSE pursuing directors through the courts

In the event of a prosecution how would you continue to pay for your bills if all your assets
have been frozen while an investigation drags on? You would have to pay for legal
assistance yourself or ask the company to fund it. That is unless you have Director’s and
Officer’s Liability Insurance.

This would get you legal backing and often also crisis management and PR help too so you
to explain your side in the event of any media frenzy.

The best way to protect your business and your personal assets in the event of an
investigation and/or prosecution by the HSE is to avoid getting into that situation in the first

But, because the volume of changes in legislation could mean you miss a crucial amendment
that affects your statutory duties as a company director, no matter how good your risk
assessments, method statements and general operational systems are, you might still face
prosecution by the HSE, or at least an investigation through which you may or may not
emerge free of further action.

The good news for you, as a company director, is that with IRCM you can keep up to date
with the latest risk management news, employee legislation and health & safety updates.

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