Specialist Marine Insurance broker Insurance Risk & Claims Management (IRCM) have
announced a freezing of their exclusive RIB Insurance rates for a second straight year
through 2022*; the initiative also extends to other performance craft and speedboats and
will come as welcome news to RIB & speedboat owners looking for comprehensive and
competitively priced insurance for their boats.

IRCM’s Specialist Risks Executive and Schemes Manager, Mark Elcocks, said “We’ve
conducted a full review of our RIB and Speedboat Insurance offering and are happy that we
can continue to support owners of performance craft by maintaining premium rates at 2020

“What we’ve also done is look at the RIB space overall and it’s clear the segment is evolving.
Insurance providers therefore need to remain flexible in their approach to faster private &
pleasure vessels. RIBs and other performance craft are getting bigger, faster and more
expensive; we’re seeing more enquiries from owners of amphibious models such as Sealegs
and AMP, too for which we’re happy to offer cover. Consequently, the paradigm for
insurance providers is changing. For this reason, it’s important for owners to be able to
discuss their RIB and its insurance requirements with their provider; and insuring through
IRCM gives RIB owners the advantage of talking to one of our dedicated yacht and boat
insurance underwriters and to benefit from a properly tailored program.” IRCM’s
announcement comes as many yacht and boat owners continue to experience year-on-year
increases to their insurance premiums.

In addition to insurance for RIBs and other performance craft, IRCM offers tailored
insurance programs to owners of classic yachts and other historic craft as well as motor and
sailing yachts. Security is provided by a global insurer with an AA- (Fitch) rating. For further
details on obtaining comprehensive insurance for your RIB or performance craft telephone
the IRCM team on 01902 796 793 or email enquiries@marineinsurance-ircm.co,uk

*Subject to claims history & experience
Insurance Risk & Claims Management Ltd (IRCM) are authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct