Insurance Risk & Claims Management Limited, one of the UK’s leading classic boat insurance specialists, is delighted to be associated with the MTB102 Trust.

The Trust is responsible for the running and maintenance of the famous MTB102 motor torpedo boat which is a leading member of the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships and escorting the Royal Barge in the Queens Thames Jubilee Pageant.

Richard Basey, “Commodore” of the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships and Skipper of MTB102 said
“We are delighted to be part of this celebration and value the support given to us by IRCM.”

Insuring classic boats is not always straightforward. IRCM provide a far more flexible and knowledgeable approach to classic vessel insurance, aided by their staff’s knowledge of classic boats such as MTB102.

MTB102 was Vospers prototype motor torpedo boat which launched a whole series of fast motor torpedo boats in the second world war. The 102 Trust has preserved this vessel, which is maintained to the highest standards, to help preserve our naval heritage and remember the very brave seamen who manned these vessels. She was for the last few days of Dunkirk the Flagship of Rear Admiral Wake-Walker, and ­­­­carried Churchill and Eisenhower as they reviewed the D Day Fleet even staring in the “Eagle has Landed” film with Michael Cane.

The MTB102 Trust is delighted to be associated with the Queens Thames Jubilee Pageant, the vessel itself has been the star of many TV shows over recent years, and will be assisting both BBC and ITV in their coverage of the Queens Thames Jubilee celebration.

The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships has over 120 member boats that were involved in the rescue of the British Expeditionary force in 1940. Without their bravery the Second World War would have had a very different outcome which could have lead to a very different Europe today.

Preserving these vessels is an important part of our history, our education and understanding of the important lessons that society has learned.

For more information on the MTB102 Trust see For more information on Association of Dunkirk Little Ships see

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