Are your yard’s tractors and mobile machinery and plant properly insured?

Why risk potentially catastrophic loss to yourself & your business as well as heavy fines and penalty points when you can protect yourself and your business from only £25 per vehicle with IRCM’s Tractors & Special Vehicle Types Insurance scheme?

 Third Party insurance is compulsory and a failure to have this basic cover is considered one of the most serious offences.  A substantial fine and disqualification are amongst the recommended penalties.

 Driving uninsured (or allowing your employees to do so) is an absolute offence which means there is no discretionary defence available, ie the vehicle is either insured or it is not.  If, for any reason it is not insured, the offence is committed.

 Furthermore, without insurance your business and your personal assets are at risk from potentially huge compensation claims being made against you.

 Tractors and other special type vehicles which are road-registered are excluded from standard public liability policies, as are many unregistered vehicles if travelling on, or crossing, public highways.  This may also apply to areas where the public have access such as ports, harbours and boatyards. Types of vehicles that fit into this class are:

 IRCM offer full Road Traffic Act third party cover for tractors, mobile plant and other special vehicle types from as little as £25 per vehicle. 

 At this price is it worth taking the chance of not being covered?

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